Leisure Island


Leisure Isle

Things to do during your stay

These idyllic picture postcard scenes are an everyday reality of life on Leisure Isle. Surrounded on all sides by the waters of the tidal Knysna estuary, which is ringed by a chain of hills, Leisure Isle is linked to the mainland by a narrow causeway. It is a haven of peace and tranquility, where life is enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Explore the little lanes and parks and marvel at the stunning gardens.

We have two swimming beaches and a very special nature reserve on the island which you can explore by foot or bicycle .

Two coffee shops cater for guests every day for leisurely breakfasts and lunches 

Enjoy the safe environment of the Island where children still play on the streets and in the many parks without a worry amidst the cyclists, people walking their dogs and locals having a picnic.  

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